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About aetherea

About Our Products

Our unique products are designed to help you overcome life’s challenges, for yourself and those you care for.

Smart foods

The body knows how to care for itself; it just needs the opportunity and the right information. Our smart foods give our body that chance! Our smart foods offer practical and effective tools to help address our most challenging issues in this most challenging century.

What our products are able to do

aetherea’s products allow the body to remember its genius in fostering our health. Our smart food products send needed information deep within our cells, where it in-forms them.


Physicists in the 20th century proposed that reality is based on… information! Literally. Biophysicists took that idea into the body, proposing that the absence of health is primarily a lack of information, or too much information of the wrong type.

aetherea’s products act as gentle but potent reminders of what the body might have lost given the repeated traumas of life, of aging. If it needs this information, our body is energized. If it does not need this information, our body ignores it! Lets it pass by.

There’s only gentle persuasion, and no side effects.

It can help us become more mindful of what our body needs. (That might be considered a side-effect!)

The aetherea method

The aetheric method supports our conscious intention to health. To restore what our body naturally offers. Life’s events, stress, age – these constants erase our cellular memory.

Briefly, the aetheric process can be described as a dense encoding of information our body needs to restore health.

Our products optimize the body’s ability to remember and to restore. aetherea makes it possible for us to take advantage of the best that age offers us – the perspective that comes with experience – and still claim strength, vigor and vitality.

Information, as Song

In many texts, sacred and profane, the universe begins in sound. Stepping into the 21st century, we now realize that everything in the universe has its own sound, everything is in a constant state of movement… everything has its own vibration.

Scientists take it further: everything has its own Song. The term is resonance. The song of the universe, the music of the spheres, the harmony of creation… the Song of kidney, of daisy, of quartz… the Song of Life.

We are able to decode this resonance through the application of recent breakthroughs in the subtle science domain. It’s much like composing music.

This information, encoded as the resonance of each particular product, we refer throughout as song.

Imagine the conductor of a symphony, but here the symphony is the symphony of our Self. Every cell in our body has a tone, every organ sings a song, every event in our lives rings out through our biofield. Our smart food products help our bodies remember how to sing the song of kidney, of emotional resilience, of true health.

Know what healthy feels like! ®