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New to aetherea?

Getting Started

New to aetherea? Looking for a way to maximize the effectiveness of your journey to the best possible health? Here are our suggestions for the best way to get started.

Tune-Up! Resilience

This is our baseline product. It helps calm and settle body, soul and spirit. It is designed to be taken daily, as the name suggests, and can be taken multiple times per day. It is safe for the whole family. It is of great assistance in managing the constant barrage of stressors we face – big and small – everyday. It can be taken multiple times per day, whenever stressors are knocking you off center. 

Tune-Up! Resilience

The next product we recommend starting with is Tune-Up! All Seasons. It helps us prepare for the constant exposure to bugs, seasonal changes, and more generally, situations that tend to disrupt our health. All Seasons helps keep our immune systems detector function at maximum, enabling our immune systems to maintain balanced health through all the exposures we face. As with Daily Resilience, it is safe for the whole family. We recommend it be taken daily, and more frequently if you’re feeling under the weather. 

Tune-Up! Resilience

2500 years ago, the father of healthcare in the West – Hippocrates – stated that health begins and ends in the gut. Our digestive system is an information processing highway. It has to break down whatever we ingest and turn it into our body’s building blocks. And also efficiently remove things we ingest that are not helpful. It is on the frontline when it comes to determining which bugs are helplful for us and which are not. Tune-Up! Digestion helps keep our digestive system healthy and strong. Depending on your digestive strength, we recommend it be taken 1-3 times per day, with meals. There are also options to improve oversensitivity to grains and dairy. 

Tune-Up! Resilience

Our last recommendation is the least ‘sexy’ of the bunch. It is frequently overlooked, partly because it is difficult to be aware of the system it addresses – our lymph system. Our lymph system is responsible for gathering and taking out our internal ‘garbage’, like old cells and foreign invaders that have neutralized by our immune system. When it is not functioning well, our ‘garbage’ accumulates, which can have a direct impact on our health. Once per day, more frequently if you’re feeling under the weather. 

When you purchase products from us, there are a few things you will need to know before you begin shopping. If you have questions about anything you’re reading, please feel free to contact us


All products come in two basic forms: Sweet Dots, which are similar to homeopathic pellets/globules, and Mouth Spray. Both forms are equally effective. Choosing one or the other is up to your personal taste and requirements. 


Sweet Dots come in two sizes: a 5 gram tube and a 25 gram bottle. Mouth Spray comes in a 30ml bottle

The 25 gram and 30ml bottles are made from biophotonic glass, which enhances the quality of our products. TIP: Put them in a sunny window for greater benefit!


Sweet Dots are made from 100% sucrose. Mouth Spray products are made with distilled water and 20% organic cane alcohol. 

Read about Nutritional Information


For our singles products (Hom-type, aetherea, Crystals, Flowers, Elements) a ‘value’ needs to be chosen. ‘Value’ is similar to homeopathy’s Potency. Each product’s description includes an index that maps the difference between value and potency. 

If you’re not sure where to begin, we recommend choosing a ‘Low chord’ from the Value drop down. 


Our smart food products are separated into five categories:

Shopping & Search

Tune-Up!: The perfect place to start with simple, safe and effective products tailored to specific needs. Shop Tune-Up!

The SEARCH Field: When you have a particular product you want to find, use the Search field in the upper right of any page. Search on the first five or six letters of the product you seek. You can also use our Product Search page.

More Information

Interested in learning more about aetherea? Visit our About Us page for a more detailed discussion of who we are and what we do.