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Tune-Up! Relax

Join aetherea’s founder Michael Leger as he introduces a formula designed to enhance equilibrium in the increasingly hectic times we live – remembering what relaxation feels like at a deep cellular level.

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About aetherea

At aetherea, we make products that approach health from a completely different perspective.

Biofield illustration

At aetherea, our approach to health combines time honored insights with state-of-the-art technology. Our goal is to give the body what it needs to remember how to be healthy- what it feels like. And we do that by working with subtle energy fields – biofields – that surround and interpenetrate our bodies.

Each of us has a biofield- a donut shape of energy that surrounds us- as shown in the illustration to the left. Full of information, the biofield remembers and responds to everything that happens to us- mind, body, and spirit – from before our births to our last breath. Health begins here, so does its lack.

Imagine that your entire being creates an incredible symphony that is uniquely you; the Symphony of your Self. Every thought, every feeling, every event contributes to this symphony. This symphony is another way of talking about the biofield.

Why does all this talk about symphonies and biofields matter? Because health and its lack are determined by them. All the joyous, happy and meaningful issues in our lives create melodies and rhythms that keep us moving. Trauma, life’s difficulties, issues we inherit create dissonance and tension. We need a certain amount of dissonance and tension to sharpen our awareness and learn life’s important lessons. Too much however and we can get lost in the noise, our memory of health begins to fade. Fortunately, Nature knows how to sing us back to health. And we know how to gather Her songs.

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Unusually intriguing products designed for those with experience with energetically-based products, and for those who like to explore.



A vast catalog of single products designed for healthcare practitioners, with a helpful place to start for the curious.



Provide our bodies with the information they need to remember true health. Wired and tired? Foggy brain? Out of gas? Restore true health here.



Flower essences capture the grace and beauty of the plant kingdom’s artists. They have a particular resonance for our emotional states, helping to soothe, calm and nurture.



Fine elixirs from the architects of the mineral realm. Our gem elixirs fully embody the songs that each crystal sings, enabling them to penetrate into the deepest and highest aspects of our being.



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News from a skeptic. [I had a hard time sleeping through the night.] Spasms in the legs and active hamsters in the head. I tried !RELAX with no specific expectations. Then something happened after night #3! I slept my first complete night in months. It worked. So grateful for this excellent product. Thank you!

A. Pilon A. Pilon

aetherea products have become an essential resource to my practice. No longer do I fear that a product I need for a client will be impossible to find: aetherea will produce an energetic imprint that will work every bit as well as a classically-prepared product…

Doug Brown, CCH, FNP Doug Brown

I don’t know where to begin. I came across aetherea while I was searching for some products that were very hard to find. I soon learned that aetherea carried all the products I needed, plus many more. I quickly ordered the ones I wanted and discovered very soon that they were superior to the ones […]

Isaiah Paradis, Lay Practitioner

As soon as I put Recovery under my tongue, I felt a surge of unnamed energy. Also had taken Delta before. I awoke from a dream of safety and comfort being together with both my parents. What a sweet feeling, so happy and true.

Lisa Chan, L.Ac, Homeopathy Student

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