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Michael Leger in Essential Stretching

Essential Stretching is a 15 minute stretching video that represents a distillation of 50 years of Michael’s experience in various movement forms. Learn to release tension and build strength in the hips, back, shoulders, neck and eyes. It can be performed by people of all ages, requires no previous experience, and is also excellent for the experienced athlete. It works through all the major and minor muscle groups, joints, tendons and ligaments in a short 15 minutes.

What makes this video different from others? It is kind and gentle. At the same time it deeply works into all areas of the body, releasing tension and building dynamic strength – the ability to move any joint through its full range of motion with stability. It is anatomically ‘correct’. By that we mean that each movement does not exceed the dynamic range of the area being stretched. Exceeding the dynamic range is more the norm than the exception in many stretching and yoga practices. 

And it does this in just 15 minutes.

Some highlights:

  • The back exercises present a different take on the standard yoga stretches, which is one of the biggest ‘secret’ issues of yoga practices. No movement in Essential Stretching strains any aspect of the body at any point in time – beginner or expert.
  • By combining a variety of movements, tension on the shoulders is released and strength is built. Ditto for the muscles of the neck.
  • We have a short segment of eye ‘stretches’, extremely valuable for those of us who stare at screens all day.

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