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Send Us a Testimonial

Send in a testimonial and receive a $20 coupon code!

Do you have a favorite Tune-Up! or Top 15 product? Send US a testimonial and we will send YOU a coupon for $20 off your next purchase.

How do I submit a testimonial?

The easiest way is to use our contact form or send an email to customerservice at aethereahealth dot com.

Once we receive your testimonial, we will send you a coupon code.

What’s a Top 15 product?

In each product category – aetherea, Hom-type, Flowers, Crystals – you’ll find a list of our Top 15 products.

aetherea Top 15  Hom-type Top 15  Flower Essence Top 15  Crystal Elixirs Top 15  Elements Top 15

Can I make a general testimonial?

Absolutely! If you have anything you would like to share about our customer service, the impact we have had on your life, or something not related to a specific product, please feel free!

Are there any restrictions?

Yes, the primary restriction is due to regulatory requirements. Testimonials that say anything like “Product x cured my whatever” are verboten. When the language of cure is used, it makes any product that is being referred to a drug. If we happened to sell grapes, and someone said that grapes cured their illness, grapes would be classified as a drug. This can make it a bit challenging. If in doubt, send it our way and we will contact you with suggestions.

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