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Introducing the Key to 21st Century Solutions for Your Most Pressing Needs

We take a different approach to building health, one which has proven to be extremely effective in overcoming long-standing health-related issues. We invite you to take a few minutes to discover more about what it means for you and the people that you serve.

Potency, Purity, Strength®

Bioenergetics – Energized Information

Dr. Soliman

The superior and consistent quality of their products made it possible for our practice to expand and provide outstanding care to our patients…

~ Dr. Nader Soliman MD, FAAMA

Lack of health can be perceived as a lack of information, or incorrect information. This view can be extremely valuable in accurately assessing the issues you encounter with patients. Whether pharmaceutical, supplemental or herbal, approaches based on chemistry may lack the necessary depth to get at the root of a deeply ingrained health issue.

The bioenergetic approach – products based on energized information – achieves the depth necessary to effect deep and long-lasting change. The bioenergetic approach also makes biochemical methods more effective.

About 100 years ago, an innovative MD discovered a method to create simple codes that represented states of health and their lack. He used these codes to assess and address the issues he found. Fast forward to the 21st century. At aetherea we employ state-of-the-art instruments and coding systems that can address the complexity of 21st century life.

One of the reasons our products are so effective is in the way they are created – with subtlety and nuance. Unlike most other manufacturers, we do not use computers, electricity or magnetism to create our products – they all introduce a tremendous amount of subtle and not-so-subtle noise into everything they come into contact with.

Take a look at the illustration below. The smooth curve is the sine wave. This is what electricity should look like when we access it. Look at the pink spiky wave: this is what it actually looks like!

aetherea is the Best in the World

“My opinion is that aetherea is the best in the world, and many years beyond others, in new methods, quality and variety of products…”

~ Dr. Victoria Stamouli
Psychiatrist, Homeopathic & Orthomolecular Physician

An Essential Resource

“Michael Leger’s aetherea products have become an essential resource to my practice…”

~ Doug Brown, CCH, FNP

Integral Part of the Treatment Regimen

“The unique Tune-Up! products are an integral part of the treatment regimen for my patients. They are highly effective as adjunctive or primary tools to assist reaching the goal of optimal health…”

~ Dr. Rudy Byron, Jr. MD

Information You Will Find Useful

When you order a product from us, you will be selecting ‘potency’ (which we call value), mouth spray or sweet dots (globules/pellets/pillules) and bottle size.


Value is similar to the homeopathic concept of potency. We stock a very wide range of values. In addition to our stocking values, we are also happy to create any custom value you are looking for. Please contact us! Here is our list:

  • 6-10, 12-10, 30-10 (similar to ‘x’)
  • 3-100, 6-100, 12-100, 30-100, 200-100 (similar to ‘c’)
  • 1-Kb, 10-Kb, 50-Kb, 100-Kb (similar to ‘M’)
  • Higher values. They are specified in the Custom Value field on a product page:
    • 1-Mb, 10-Mb, 100-Mb (similar to MM)
    • 1-Gb, 10-Gb (similar to MMM)
  • Q value – 1-150 (similar to LM)

Other values are available by request for an additional charge.

Carriers/Bottle type

Our products are offered in the following carriers and bottle types:

  • Sweet dots (globules) – ~#25 size. Sweet dots are 100% sucrose.
  • Mouth spray – 1 ounce only. Mouth spray products are made from 20% organic alcohol and distilled water.


Our pricing is determined strictly by bottle size; the lowest and highest values are the same price, ie a 6-10 (6x) is the same price as a 1-Mb (1MM).

We also offer volume discounts:

Volume Discounts

  • 12 or more single items – 10%
  • 45 or more single items in increments of 15 – 15%
  • 150 or more single items in increments of 15 – 20%


We are happy to create custom ‘chords’ – value (or potency) combinations for you. We also offer a unique chord composed of the following values:

  • 6-10, 3-100, 9-100, 30-100, labeled “Low chord” in the Value drop down list


We are happy to create custom formulas of your design, or work with you to create a formula for your particular needs. Our combination pricing is as follows:

  • 1-10 additional values or single products – $5 each

Custom Formulation

We specialize in custom formulation. Our founder has extensive experience in bioenergetic product formulation. We create products to your specifications. We also help out in the design of new formulas.

In addition to custom formulation, we also offer private label services. Let us know what you’re thinking! We can talk about cost and implementation times.

We look forward to serving you!

“Michael Leger’s precise and pure technological approach to creating products has eneable to to help my clients at a level that could not be otherwise achieved…”

– Dr. Donald Liebell DC

“There is no other company, to my knowledge, that allows you to order custom products with the efficacy, quality and superiority of aetherea’s products…”

– Isaiah Paradis, Lay practitioner

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