Know what healthy feels like!™ By providing our body with the information it needs to remember true health, our Tune-Up! formulas are designed to help you overcome life’s many challenges.

All Tune-Up! formulas are energized information; we refer to them as bio-energetics. This category includes products designed to address foggy brainsabysmal energy levels, that wired and tired feeling, when we are overly anxious. Where we are not experiencing true health, a Tune-Up! formula exists to help us overcome the challenges life is presenting. 

An added bonus: Tune-Up! formulas do raise our body’s “mindfulness” quotient! We become more attuned to what we might need.

  • Tune-Up! Aches & Pains

    Tune-Up! Aches & Pains

    Tune-Up! Aches & Pains is designed for the usual aches and pains we all encounter in our daily lives.

  • Tune-Up! Adrenal-cortisol

    Tune-Up! Adr-crt

    Tune-Up! Adr-crt helps restore balance to the adrenal glands.
  • Tune-Up! Immune Tune

    Tune-Up! All Seasons

    Tune-Up! All Seasons, the product that helps bring us into tune with our environment, able to respond appropriately to the constant changes we face.
  • Tune-Up! Anxiety & Anticipation

    Tune-Up! Anxiety & Anticipation

    Feeling wound up, overwhelmed, thinking about what the future holds? Tune-Up! Anxiety & Anticipation might help ease your heart and mind.

  • Tune-Up! Brain

    Tune-Up! Brain

    Foggy head, lack of clarity in your thinking, cloudy mind? Tune-Up! Brain might help disperse the fog and establish clarity.

  • Tune-Up! Breathe

    Tune-Up! Breathe

    Open the lungs, breathe freely again!

  • Tune-Up! Resilience

    Tune-Up! Daily Resilience

    Ride the ever changing waves, sailing through adversity

  • Tune-Up! Digestion

    Tune-Up! Digestion

    Helps maintain the tone and balance of the inner workings of our digestive system.

    We also offer 'Food Group' options - Dairy, Grain, Dairy&Grain. They can be helpful strengthening digestion of those foods. 


  • Tune-Up! EMF+

    Tune-Up! EMF

    Learn to relax and get tight. Sounds paradoxical, but that's one of the great secrets of managing health in the 21st Century. Tune-Up! EMF helps our bodies adapt to ever-increasing EMF (Electromagnetic Frequencies) exposure.

  • Tune-Up! Heart

    Tune-Up! Heart

    Heart-warming and strengthening, Tune-Up! Heart helps you feel the beat.

  • Tune-Up! Heavy Metal

    Tune-Up! Heavy Metals

    Lighten the load!

  • Tune-Up! Jet Lag

    Tune-Up! Jet Lag

    Tune-Up! Jet Lag is designed to help with issues associated with high speed travel.
  • Tune-Up! Kidney

    Tune-Up! Kidney

    Recharge your 'batteries'!

  • Tune-Up! Liver

    Move Through Life with Grace and Ease

  • Tune-Up! Lymph

    Tune-Up! Lymph

    Allows the body to recover what it might have lost with repeated everyday stresses and blockages. Designed to tone the lymphatic system to what it needs to be, tuned to drain debris and regenerate.

  • Tune-Up! Nerves

    Tune-Up! Nerves

    Calm the never ending irritation

  • Tune-Up! Relax

    Tune-Up! Relax

    Looking for a way to unwind from the day? Or starting out the day just right? Tune-Up! Relax will do the trick.
  • Tune-Up! Restore

    Tune-Up! Restore

    Life throws many curves. Restore your groove.

  • Tune-Up! Sleepy

    Tune-Up! Sleepy

    Tune-Up! Sleepy is a formula designed to help re-establish restful sleep. It is composed of products that aid in relaxation and restoration. It can be taken after the evening meal and again before bedtime.

  • Tune-Up! Spirit

    Tune-Up! Spirit

    Don’t Let Spiritual Malaise be Your Response to Our Times!

  • Tune-Up! Vision

    Tune-Up! Vision

    Tune-Up! Vision is one of aetherea's Graceful Aging products. Fading vision is a normal part of life for most people. The challenge of modern lifestyles, especially computer usage, accelerates that process in an untimely fashion.