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Open the lungs, breathe freely again

Every minute of every day, we breathe, moving air in and out our lungs, in an intimate dance with the plant kingdom.

It is Nature’s recycling at its best: We take in nourishment from the air around us, and we return nourishment back, to the things in the external world that need it, like plants.

To breathe freely…it’s something “devoutly to be wished.”

You don’t have to be an actor, a musician or an athlete to enjoy having clear breath and lung power. Having the ability to breathe freely is one of the marvels of our physical body, and aids in our enjoyment of life.

Breathing happens without our paying conscious attention. Until it becomes problematic.

Many things can unfortunately interfere with our ability to breathe easily. Stuck emotion and the quality of the air we breathe are especially problematic.


A strong emotion like worry, like anxiety, impacts our lungs and stops them from functioning in an open and clear fashion.

Have you ever had a fright that caused you to hyper-ventilate? When you’re suddenly unable to take long deep regular breaths?

Have you ever waited with bated breath? Low-level anxiety, worry, and anticipation can have similar though less dramatic effect on our breathing.


Good air quality is extremely important in our ability to breathe well. Exposure to irritants and pollutants in the air can increase the risk of not being able to breathe freely.

The air we breathe has another role – to fuel our digestive fire. Without a good supply of oxygen, our digestive fire lacks strength.

Tune-Up! BREATHE is aetherea at the forefront of helping us keep our lungs strong and our breath free…as well as keeping our digestive fires in balance. The importance to our digestion can’t be emphasized enough.

Tune-Up! BREATHE takes the oxygen we get from the air and makes sure the oxygen has easy passage into the blood where it recharges it.

This new energy is then brought down to our digestive system, where oxygen is the spark that initiates – ignites! – the fuel we get from food. In the body: a perfect circuit of information.

Several crystals inform our Tune-Up! BREATHE formula:

  • TREE AGATE – Helps build fundamental lung strength. Opens congestion (which might happen with seasonal changes). Helps build immune intelligence. Relieves worry.
  • APOPHYLLYTE – Helps calm overactive lung energy. Very nourishing, it moisturizes and harmonizes our relationship with the world.
  • AQUAMARINE – Sharpens and clarifies insight, helping us see the world around and within us. Very nourishing. Helps relieve congestion, and calms over-active responses to the world. Also helps to build fundamental lung strength.
  • OPTICAL GRADE QUARTZ – This great harmonizer completes the crystal matrix. It harmonizes the formula and the energy within us, and the lungs’ relationship with the world.

Tune-Up! BREATHE is the resonant bio-energetic that resonates with the information our body needs to keep our lungs strong and our breath free – even if the quality of our air is compromised, even when we struggle with strong emotions.

As with all our Tune-Up! products, Tune-Up! BREATHE can help us become more aware of our bodies…in this case, breathing and having strong lungs. Especially important to us these days.

With Tune-Up! BREATHE, kick up your heels, your arms wide to life, and breathe free!


The November 2022 update includes the following aetheric information imprints: 

  • Respiratory system – Congestion
  • Respiratory system – Coordination with cardiovascular system
  • Respiratory system – Coordination with Etheric/pre-physical
  • Respiratory system – Environmental stress
  • Respiratory system – Functional stress

In a proprietary aetherea base that enhances the overall formula.

Tune-Up! Breathe is composed of the following information imprints:

  • Tree agate
  • Aquamarine
  • Apophyllite
  • Optical-grade quartz
  • Respiratory system – Norm and Normalize to Field matrix
  • Respiratory system – Coordination with Blood
  • Respiratory system – Coordination with Lymphatic system
  • Respiratory system – Emotional factors
  • Etheric body – Coordination with respiratory system and Pranic triangle*

Neutralize inimical influences of endogenous electromagnetic and subtle energies

*If you’ve not heard of Pranic triangle before – take a look HERE, scroll down to the sixth page.


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